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Meet Pig Pig (aka Sir Justin Bacon)

We want to share our love of animals with everyone so we are in the process of starting up a petting zoo.

The barn animals that we currently have at the moment:

1 pig 3 horses (with 1 expecting)

3 sheep 1 mini pony

3 goats 1 tortoise

1 pigeon 2 mini donkeys

Pig Pig AKA Justin Bacon is an elite member of the farm animals. He was given to us by Rawhide Ranch, where our kids went to camp for many years and grew up with him. He is a Vietnamese Pot Bellied Pig. He can do tricks—sit, spin, jump, and fist bump with his snout. He loves snacks, especially apples, and basking in the sun and mud. He hangs out with the goats and sheep during the day, but has his own room at night.

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