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We Bought A Farm

Welcome to WAKE Farms—a small. local family farm business.

From Orange County “the OC” to the Inland Empire, we are jumping in the deep-end on a new adventure! About a year ago, we purchased a large parcel that had a lot of potential. Little did we know that we had to take a crash course on farming, become an expert in growing avocados, how and when to harvest, when, what and how much fertilizer and water. Don’t get us started on the whole organic process—stack of papers to fill out and a bunch of money! oh yeah, all the farming equipment—how in the world do you drive a big ole tractor?! Thank goodness we have Google, and an expert Farm Hand, who chuckles at us, but also teaches us on what variety avocados we have, where they are and when to pick them.

Subscribe to our blog and join us as we figure out what the world we are doing.

Also - our avocados are delicious and you should buy some ;)

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